A peak into our wonderful trip Shenandoah Valley with our friends George and Cara.

We went down to Shenandoah Valley as a time-share invitation we got at Bass Pro shop. It worked out great for us, for $149 we were able to stay at an awesome little 2 bedroom cabin in the woods in the Shenandoah Crossing resort. Since we booked it through Bass Pro Shop, we got $100 in Bass Pro gift cards. We did have to sit through a time-share speech but that wasn't too bad. A three night stay at a beautiful resort for $50 split 4 ways, was worth going through the speech. 

The drive down was so beautiful, all back country roads through rolling hills of vineyards and farms. Plus I had a beautiful co-pilot if i got bored of the view.

The resort was beautiful. They had over 20 horses, huge pool, mini golf, tennis courts, hiking trails, fire pits, and all surrounded by a huge lake. We got in early Saturday afternoon and went shopping for food and drinks for the weekend to stock up our cabin. When we got back we went out and played a round of mini golf, then at sunset we roasted marshmallows by a large bon fire next to the lake. The sunset was spectacular as it glistened across the lake. We finished off the night with amazing steak fillets marinated in balsamic oil and all cooked by George. A fantastic way to end great evening and to start our mini weekend vacation. 

Photo May 31, 7 01 44 PM.jpg
Photo May 31, 7 06 02 PM.jpg

Our attempt at photos by the water.....

The girls photo turned out great

we at least got the photo

but then we hit weight capacity! 

Wonderful trip with a wonderful couple

Cara is kinda horse whisperer

The next day George and I went to the time-share speech while Macy and Cara went down to the resort's marina and reserved our afternoon on a pontoon boat. We were able to get the boat for 3 hours and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend the afternoon than on that boat. We brought drinks, fishing rods, chips, crackers, and more drinks. The only downside was that we were not allowed to go swimming in the lake but that was fine, we had plenty of fun on top of the water.

This was my first time out on a pontoon boat, now I am obsessed with them and want to get one! They are the perfect kind of boat for just hanging out with friends and enjoying the sun. Its practically a living room on the water. I have never been the one to be super thrilled about boating since I grew up on regular boats with no space to relax. You are always sitting, standing, or going in the water. But with the pontoon boat you can have more people with much more room to lounge around. In the great words of two infamous step brothers "There is so much room for activities".

After our adventure on the pontoon boat we just spent the rest of the day relaxing and hanging out by the pool. 

This was our first vacation of the summer and I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was so relaxing having everything on the resort and we only left to get food once we first got there. It was our first ever couples vacation and it was awesome! We had so much fun with George and Cara that we are trying to make vacationing with them an annual event. Its always a great time when you have good looking people hanging out with good looking people! Next trip will probably be somewhere different but we cant wait for more adventures with George and Cara!