Sorry that we have not been posting like we used to. Unfortunately, we have been so busy with work that we have not been going on any adventures. The company that we work for is going through a huge transitional period and it has been many late hours at work that has worn us out. I have been doing many designs for the company and Macy has been traveling to conferences all over the country. She went to San Antonio, New York (twice), and Las Vegas. Sounds like fun but it was work work work for her with little free time. While she has been gone I have been catching up with friends I havn't seen in awhile and tidying up my house and hers. I have also been doing some work on both of our cars

It has been pretty laid back lately except for this past weekend. Macy and her family went out to Ocean City, Maryland for the week and I came out to visit them on the weekend since I had to work. Here are some photos to catch up on what we have been up to.

(Warning picture heavy)

Macy's Traveling:

Macy's main mode of traveling

Her sweet choice of footwear

The relief after hours in the sky

Her New York City hotel view

So fancy

Brooklyn Bridge

World Trade Center Memorial


Macy hard at "work"

Bellagio Fountains

Tropicana pool

Interactive Conference in Vegas

San Antonio River Walk

On the water in the middle of the city!

It's crazy that you can't even tell where the river is as you are driving through the city

Here is some pics of me working on our cars. I painted my rims and the trim on Macy's car with Plastidip. Its a rubberized paint that only bonds to itself so that you can peel if off when you are done with that look. It comes in many colors and types!

Taking the wheels off to paint the front

Taping off Macy's car and a coat of plastidip



Metallic Purple for the Ravens

Wheels back on the car

Front of Macy's car

Also tinted my headlights, foglights, and plate covers

Last but not least, the beach!

We were at the beach the same time Dew Tour was!

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of catching up, we promise to post more frequently!