On July 4th 2014 I got down on one knee and asked Macy the most important-scary-exciting-breathtaking question I have ever asked someone! Through teary eyes and the biggest smile she can make, she said yes! 

I have known Macy is the one for a long time now. She is my best friend, travel partner, better half, partner in crime, and love of my life. Ever since we first met I knew there would be no one else like her. I knew I needed to snatch her up before I lost her. Over the past two years we have been together through many ups and downs and we have always been there for each other. We have seen each other at our worst and at our best so far. We have experienced the privilege of traveling and exploring Europe together. Even though it has only been two years we have experienced so many life changing experiences together that I know that there is no one that I would rather spend and create more experiences with! 

I proposed to her on the 4th of July (her favorite holiday) at her grandparents party that they have every year. My family was there, all of her family was there, plus many of our close friends. It was 7pm with the sun setting and we went down to the pier with our friends Scott & Brittney to take cool 4th of July photos. When we got to the end of the pier, I told Macy how much I love her and how much she means to me, reached into my pocket, got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked Macy if she would have my hand in marriage.

She said yes! Then again who could turn down someone when they have a model face and chiseled body like mine!

Everyone at the party was in on it except for Macy. I was so nervous the whole day with everyone asking me when it was going to happen and how, but I didn't want to give out any details. Since everyone knew I made sure my little brother went around and told everyone it was happening so they could all be at the beginning of the pier watching. After she said yes everyone came out to celebrate. I told her grandmother to bring out champagne so we can all toast to our new adventure afterwards. We were lucky it wasn't a tragic yet comical moment of the pier falling into the water with over 20 people on it.

It was so great that we were able to have mine family and Macy's family there for this special moment. Everyone was there to celebrate the start of our future together and the start of our country's independence! The rest of the night was laughs, celebration, shots, games, fireworks, sparklers, and s'mores 

The start of our biggest adventure!