For spring break/St. Patricks Day, Macy came out to Breckenridge Colorado with my family and I. Even though we are both out of school we still counted it as spring break because it was my little brother's spring break since he is in grad school. We left Baltimore Saturday morning and landed in Denver Colorado Saturday afternoon, to stay for the week. I have an Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins right outside of Denver in Colorado Springs. We went to our hotel and then met them for Dinner on Saturday evening. It was great visiting since we rarely get to see them with living almost on the other side of the country. Macy fit right in with the family, and got along perfectly with my two little girl cousins. They gossiped about Frozen, Hunger Games, Taylor Swift, and all other teenage girl things that Macy loves.

The next day we went to Garden of the Gods. It is an awesome park with huge red rock formations that shoot straight out of the ground from a natural fault line millions of years ago. Now it is a common park that many people hike around and and bike through. We spent the morning climbing around and hanging out with the gorgeous view with the rocks and the Rocky Mountains

The Volpe Boys

Sorry, got a little photo happy at the park. 

After the park we started our trek through the mountains to Breckenridge for some killer snowboarding! From Denver to Breckenridge its a 2 hour drive on the windy roads and literally going through the mountains by long tunnels that go straight to the other side. On the way we stopped in Idaho Springs for a break and some great buffalo burgers.

The first day in Breckenridge we just hung out and and got acclimated to the altitude. We were all feeling the altitude on our bodies, which is a common thing when you are up so high. There is less oxygen than what our bodies are used to and it can cause headaches and the feeling of being out of breath. A trick to keep your body feeling better is to drink tons of water. The whole week the 5 of use went through 3 packs of water. We each probably drank about 6 a day. I know thats your supposed to drink 8 glasses but who really drinks that much water on a regular day. 

Monday was our first day on the slopes and its was so much better than I remember! The snow was perfect, the weather was gorgeous, and the trails we intense. I wish the slopes like that were here over on the east coast. In Breckenridge, each run is close to a mile long. It is such a workout and the trails are so wide open it feels like you have the whole mountain to yourself. In all we had 4 days of snowboarding. The lifts open at 8:30 and close at 4, me and my brother stayed out almost the whole time every day. We almost covered all 4 peaks of the mountain. It was the best snowboarding trip I have had with some of the best snowboarding I have done. It was so great being able to have Macy experience west coast skiing and real ski town. It is so cool being in a town where everyone skis/snowboards and the whole town almost revolves around the mountain. 

After a fantastic week we flew back to Baltimore Sunday evening and the depressing feeling of going back to the regular work grind. But it was a great vacation and I loved spending time with my family. I don't get to do that too often living up in Baltimore with my busy schedules, so this was a great way to spend a lot of time with them. 

Here is a video I put together from some of the snowboarding clips out in Breckenridge.