As winter comes to a close we can wrap up some of our winter hobbies for you. We are both big into snowboarding/skiing. We both work at a winter camp for kids from 6-15yrs old. The camp is run by Ultimate Watersports. Ultimate Watersports is a great company run by a good friend of ours who has been in the water sports business (ie: kiteboarding, kayak, boating, stand up paddlboarding, sailing) since before we were born. Awesome company that is really doing some great stuff in Maryland. But Once the water freezes Ultimate runs a winter camp up at Roundtop Ski resort from the first Saturday in January to the last Saturday in February. We get to ski/snowboard every saturday for the whole season while helping kids learn and get better and skiing or snowboarding. 

I have been snowboarding for almost 10 years now and Macy used to ski when she was younger, stopped for many years and picked it back up this past season so she was a little rusty but caught up quick! We both love being on the snow. I love the technical aspect of it with connecting turns a carving the slopes while going as fast as you can while keeping form, and Macy loves the beauty behind the sport with how free it makes you feel.

Besides snowboarding or skiing there isn't too much to do in the snow or when its super cold and there isn't even any snow to play in. On those days we are hanging out with our cat or watching movies/playing video games. But we were able to make a small list of some of the winter activities we like to do.