2nd Smash

It has been a few weeks since I posted about our next pages from the Smash book. I realized there aren't enough pages for an entire year, and the designs on the page don't match up to dates. So I am going to wing it, and nothing is going to be in order (am I allowed a #yolo??).

A few weeks ago I found an app called Printic and I love it. You upload pictures directly from your phone, and they send it to you in polaroid format. It's already getting hard for me to remember to upload my photos every week, so I've decided to mix it up and print some on my own as well as order through them. 

The first of two new pages in the Smash book include our weekend trip to Virginia to visit our friends and adorable nieces, a short trip to Philly to see Nitro Circus Live, and ice skating on the river in front of my house. I was super excited about the ice skating night because the river hasn't frozen in several years. As a child I loved looking outside to see if it was frozen, grabbing my skates and ice skating for hours. It was nice to share this memory with Dave and ice skate for a little while after dinner. 

The second page includes the first big snowstorm of 2014 (yay 8 inches!), the first night of Woofound Dodgeball/Flip Cup, and a double date night at Maryland Live! Casino. Although we didn't get off work for the snow, it was so beautiful driving down the road and seeing everything covered in white. 

Can't wait for the next Smash, hopefully next week!