Here in baltimore we got our first big snowfall of the season. It was about 7 inches which might not seem like a lot but with Global warming we hardly get any snow. Me personally I am used to a couple feet when my family and I go up to Buffalo, NY every christmas to see all of my family. I am a northern boy at heart, more snow the better!!!

Macy woke me up to our favorite song from the new movie Frozen "Do You Want To Build Snowman". If you haven't seen the movie go check it out before its out of theaters!! It feels like Disney is going back to it's roots with this movie. It has a great story which is also a very fun musical. Here is the movie's soundtrack.


So we bundled up in the single digit temperature and went outside into the snow, but unfortunately the snow was too fluffy to stick together to build a we improvised.

IMG_2521 copy.jpg

Macy's house is a block away from the water so drove down to see if the river was frozen and it was! We were able to walk out onto the water a good distance but it started to get thin. The waves were frozen in the middle of their travel because of how cold it was. It was about 10 degrees by Macy's house but it was incredibly windy on the water which made the temperature subzero! I wasn't prepared for this much snow and forgot to bring my snow gear to Macy's house so I didn't have any gloves. So my fingers were freezing trying to hold the camera and playing in the snow.


It was a great day out in the snow, and hopefully the snow will stick around for awhile with this cold weather. This is going to be a great winter!