After some time in the city, I was ready for a calm evening so we decided to head to Newport, Rhode Island. It was dark when we arrived, but that is the beauty of traveling around the holidays, everything was lit up with Christmas lights. This little area is so charming, little shops, cafes and bakeries, and unique jewelry stores. The best part is the proximity to the water. This neighborhood is directly on the Atlantic Ocean. 

We stayed at the Newport Harbor Hotel, which was a decent price for the location. The front side of the hotel is right on the marina, and the back side is right on the main road through Newport. I am a big fan of the stands with nearby information in hotel lobbies, so I grabbed a few and went into the room to decide what to do with the rest of the night. We chose dinner directly across the street from our hotel based on the prices compared to some other places in the area.

The Gas Light Grill was delicious. I am going to attempt to make the Hawaiian chicken sandwich I had, hopefully I can replicate it. I also had a Gingerbread martini, it had an interesting flavor, but maybe I should have stuck with beer. After dinner we walked around the town, most shops were closed (luckily Starbucks wasn't one of them, yay Caramel Brûlée Latee!) but we were able to see which stores we wanted to stop in the next morning before leaving.

I have a shop on Instagram where I sell the clothes I no longer wear, and items that I find while thrifting, I also follow a bunch of others. One of the boutiques I follow is actually located in Newport, and I was so excited to go to the actual store! I am beyond obsessed with all of the anchor products they sell, and the store did not disappoint! If you ever happen to be in Newport, stop in to Pink Pineapple Shop.

It was getting late so we decided to go to sleep and wake up earlier to have more time to explore during the day. We woke up to some rain but that didn't stop us. We wanted to go to The Mad Hatter bakery for pastries and coffee (for me) but unfortunately they were closed. We didn't fret for long because on our way back towards the center of town, we walked past the cutest coffee shop ever called Empire Tea and Coffee. We knew it was fate and had a great breakfast here. It was a pretty big size shop with multiple different sized tables, board games, bookshelves, a fire place and of course, free wifi.

Empire Tea and Coffee


We went into some stores, all filled with adorable nautical furniture and clothing. I wish I had come here prior to decorating my house because it would have been filled with these beautiful pieces.  One of the stores we found was closing for the season and had some great dresses for really good prices, woohoo I love a good sale! My reasoning for the purchase was that they will be perfect dresses for our trip to Mexico, or the Dominican in September.

After we finished shopping I wanted to have one more adventure before we started the drive home (knowing it would be filled with Holiday traffic we wanted to leave early). I read about a "Cliff Walk" which was about 5 minutes from the center of Newport. The rain stopped right in time for us to walk the cliffs down to the water (yeah, were rebels) take some pictures, reflect on our little vacation, and prepare for the drive back home.

We had a great 3 days, I didn't even mind the few hours of traffic we hit because we had so much fun. It's great being in a relationship with someone that enjoys adventure as much as I do, and I can't wait for whats to come.