Macy has been so worried that she wont have enough time to decorate the house for Christmas because of her traveling with work that she decided not to put up Christmas lights on her house! I could never let this stand! Christmas lights are one of my top 500 things about Christmas and this will be Macy’s first Christmas in her house. So one night I went out and got a ton of lights, timers, extension cords, and other decorations needed to trim a house with lights. I hide them in one of my duffel bags in her closet for a couple days so she wouldn't see them.


I waited until a night where she took her sister to her acting class. Usually when Macy does this she is out for 2 hours so I had plenty of time to put up the decorations. So as soon as Macy left I pulled out my lights and got to work. I wanted to make sure they were all up and on for when she got home.


Sharkbait helping with the lights

It was a success! I was able to get all of the lights up, wrap the front door in wrapping paper to look like a present, and I even added lights and garland to my car's roof rack which I am keeping on all season. Macy was so surprised and I was glad I was able to cheer her up right before she left on her business trip because I knew she was so sad that she couldn't decorate her house with the limited time she had home.