Time for some chowder, tea, hockey, cream pies, and New kids on the Block. WE took a road trip up to Boston and Newport for the weekend. Seven hours stuck in the car with my best friend felt like nothing, and she didn’t even sleep once on the way up there! It was tough to drive right past New York City and not stop there for a couple hours. We love New York City. Last year it was our first big road trip together we took as a couple. We took the MegaBus up to New York City for the day and celebrated Christmas together in New York City, similar to why we decided to come to Boston and Newport. This was our early Christmas trip since Macy is extremely Busy in December and we will be separated for Christmas. So we figured Boston would be a beautiful city to get ready for the Christmas season.


We left around 6:30am on black Friday and drive straight through up and arrived to Boston around 1pm. For driving almost 7hrs it didn’t seem like that bad of a drive. My beautiful co-pilot kept me company the whole way. That helped out a bunch and we stopped often to keep things fresh. We checked into our hotel, settled into our room, then went down and got an in depth breakdown of Boston from the front desk of our hotel. We didn’t really have anything planned yet and wanted a locals insight on what to do in Boston. The lady at the desk really helped us out and I suggest this whenever you are in a new city/town. She highlighted many great things to do on a map with which subway lines to take and in which order to do them based on when things close. Our first stop was Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is the more older and colonial looking side of Boston.

Beacon Hill was a great first stop to get a grasp of Boston. Walking down the cobblestone streets and all the beautiful colonial architecture was fantastic. For me I always forget how much Boston is tied into our nations history. Walking around Beacon Hill you could get a great feel of the history from the architecture of the buildings and streets. There was a strong sense of patriotism in the atmosphere with many American flags hanging from houses and houses decorated still decorated from Thanksgiving.

Boston Commons Frog Pond

Frog Pond

Frog Pond

As the sun was setting we made our way over to Boston Commons, which is pretty much the Central Park of Boston. It is a beautiful park located in the center of Boston. And in the center of the park is Frog Pond, which is an ice skating rink. It had been a couple years since either of us have been on ice skates so it took a couple laps around the rink to get our bearings, but we did pretty well on skates. With the sun setting and the Christmas lights shining bright it couldn’t have been better.

Next we jumped on the subway and made our way over to Faneuil Hall for some shopping, food, and beer. In Faneuil Hall there was a great light show with Christmas lights flashing to the sounds of different Christmas songs and a huge Christmas tree at the end of the hall. We were about to finally partake in some Black Friday shopping, and had some great food in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Then after eating in the packed marketplace we went over to the replica bar of the show Cheers and had a couple rounds of none other than Samuel Adams Boston Lager. After that we had a beautiful walk home back to our hotel with a little stop by the liquor store for some wine for the evening to end a wonderful day of adventure.

The next day we woke up early to try to take in the rest of Boston before we left for Newport. Our first stop was Fenway park home of the World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox. As an Orioles fan I am supposed to hate the Red Sox, but my best friend Richard is a huge Red Sox fan, so growing up I was somewhat of a fan through him. It was the only baseball I watched as a kid. So seeing how thrilled he is team to see his team win the World Series is great! Because all that matters is that it’s the Yankees who are the really enemy. We could only walk around the stadium. You could pay to go into the stadium but we didn’t feel like paying just to see a baseball stadium when the price to go in was more than a baseball game ticket. It was still great walking around the stadium imagining how insane it must have been right after they one! It must have been similar to when the Ravens won the Super Bowl! You can imagine the whole city going crazy with fans all over the streets causing chaos.

After walking around the stadium we made our way over to Newbury Street. There are a bunch of different shops and beautiful architecture of different churches and business buildings around the area of Newbury Street. It took us forever to find somewhere nice to eat so we just decided to go to UNO’s Pizza. It wasn’t very Boston authentic but it was still great pizza.

Our last stop in Boston was the Frost Bar. It is a bar that is almost completely made from ice. They keep the inside at 20 degrees. The cups are ice, the walls, the tables, the actual bar, the ceiling, and even the artwork on the walls were different ice sculptures or objects in blocks of ice. They gave us huge parkas and gloves to wear inside for the cold. We even had to start a tab before we went in because the magnetic strip on credit cards did not work in the cold and the ink in pens froze so you couldn’t sign anything. But the drinks weren’t all that great. It was mostly pre-made drinks or different shots and it was all pretty expensive. We just split a cranberry drink and that was all we had. It was a great experience but only a one-time kinda thing for us. I thought it was too expensive for what you get. If they lowered the cover charge and the price of drinks I’m sure locals would come to the bar and not just tourists which were the only people in there. I am still glad we were able to experience being at a bar in the arctic, the drinks never got cold!


After the Frost bar we went back to the hotel and packed up to head down to Newport. Boston was a beautiful city! It is a great place to celebrate the holidays and to spend a chilly weekend. I want to return in the summer time to visit more of the historical museums and areas of Boston. Everyone seemed nice and it was a very clean city. At almost each subway stop there was a street performer and most were extremely talented and we couldn’t resist giving them some extra change for their performances. I just wish it wasn’t so far away. Now off to Newport!