2013 is almost over. Yet again another year has passed and it seems like it happened in the blink of an eye. It has been an extremely hard year, but it has also been one of the best in my 22 years of life. Lucky for all of you, I am mostly only going to share the absolute best and most memorable.

Lets see starting off in January, the road to the Super Bowl was one of the huge highlights in my year, actually in my life. Baltimore had several events throughout the Ravens playoff run, and I was lucky enough to attend most of them. 

My Birthday month, this year I started Feelin’ 22, cue wonderful T Swift jams. Besides finally being the age I have always wanted to be and taking a trip to NYC, the Ravens won the Super Bowl!! All of our family and friends gathered around the TV at my parent's house, where we cheered, booed, and got frustrated like crazy. After the win we took over the streets of Baltimore City in celebration of our team overcoming all of the numerous obstacles that this season threw at us. Best Day Ever. 

March was a big month for Dave, who had basically been couch surfing for a few months, until he moved into Federal Hill with some of our friends. The move happened over St. Patricks day weekend, could that have been more perfect?

April started off with a nice mini vacation to Bethany Beach, DE. Every year my entire family takes a long weekend to celebrate Easter, this weekend will always be one of my favorite memories. My uncle was able to celebrate his last Easter at the beach, and it was a beautiful weekend. 

Little moments is what May was made of. I did the Color Run with my mom and sister, Warrior Dash with Dave and his family, celebrated the Super Bowl at a party for the Ravens players, and celebrated Memorial Weekend in Ocean City. The moments I will cherish the most are the times I spent with my uncle. I am so happy everyone was making extra effort to be with him, not knowing it was our last month together. 

June came so quick and although one of the saddest events of my life occurred, I have so many memories to last me forever. I was able to share my joy with my Uncle John earlier in the month about moving into my first place, the celebration I attend with several Ravens players, and the last words he spoke to me were "I love you, Mace". I will cherish those times with him, along with countless others, forever.

Macys Prom.jpg

 A highlight of this month was Dave and I getting our first pet, SharkBait. There will be plenty more of her on this blog, I am sure. 

Paris, here we come! My first trip out of the USA and my first big trip with Dave was in July! You can read more about this journey here. I was so incredibly happy to see my best friend again! We also celebrated our first anniversary while we were in France. How are we going to beat that one?!

A few days after we returned from Paris, we headed to Virginia to visit our band new niece, Charli. She is the cutest little thing, and I am so happy to be able to be able to watch her grow up. The Ravens season also started and I figured it was the perfect time to take Dave to his first game. 


In September, we went to visit some of Dave's family in Buffalo, NY. They live really close to the Canadian Border, so we ventured to see Niagara Falls for a few hours (yay, another new country!!) they were breathtaking. I also really enjoyed getting to know more of Dave's family. 

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During October we took a trip with my whole family to Busch Gardens for Hallow Scream, so much fun! We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, which I highly recommend. I wish Halloween happened more often, I love getting dressed up and being creative when it comes to choosing who/what you want to be. I can never have just one costume, but I don't like to spend a lot of money either. For our first set we decided to be Peter Pan, Captain Hook and SharkBait was Tinkerbell. I made mine and SharkBaits costume and Dave found his red shirt at a thrift store. Our second costumes were Spider-Man and Peter Parker. I bought my Spider-Man costume (Amazon, $20!) and Dave got SharkBait a Spider-Man shirt a few months ago. 

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photo 2.JPG
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Dave is now 24! Dave's birthday was celebrated all weekend. Friday was spent at Dave and Busters, Saturday we went to dinner in Little Italy and walked around the Inner Harbor on the way home, but he opted out of watching the Ravens game with me on his actual birthday and went mountain biking. We were also able to celebrate our nieces 2nd birthday with her in Virginia!

Inner Harbor Date.jpg

As December comes to a close I already know my two favorite moments of this month. Our Trip to Boston and Newport are at the top of my list for the year, actually. You can see more about those here. Another moment that I will remember for this month is coming home from a conference and finding that Dave decorated the outside of my house for Christmas. He knew I wouldn't have time so he did everything himself. How did I find such a perfect guy?!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!