This Thanksgiving weekend we are taking a road trip to Boston for the weekend. Macy is going on travel a lot for work in December and We will both be separate for Christmas so we are taking our christmas vacation early. Almost all of my family lives up in Buffalo NY so my family and I have always gone up there for Christmas to be with family and Macy has all of her family here in baltimore so she stays here. It's a real bummer to not be with your significant other on Christmas but for now we feel that being with family means more right now. So we have decided to have our own Christmas vacation with each other so that we can have time to celebrate and be with each other on a special trip. Last year we took a trip to New York City and walked all around with all the different Christmas decorations. It was beautiful and an amazing trip. We got to see the tree in Rockefeller Center, Times Square decorated, a beautiful walk through Central park, saw the Statue of Liberty, and of coarse go to the Tiffany store. This year we are heading up to Boston on Black Friday, going to Rode Island Saturday, and coming home Sunday. We decided to make a His/Hers post with lists of what we others has for road trips.

Every great trip needs great songs

Dave's List:

For my list I chose Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi because there 8-bit/game style songs are simply amazing and is great for zoning out on long drives. Animals because the beat is so raw and it hits so hard in my car with my 12inch subwoofer. Timber gets stuck in my head all the time and in not mad it gets stuck there. For almost the same reasons as why I chose Animals I chose White Walls by Macklemore. It sounds so great in my car and I love the old school meets new school feel to it. And Radioactive always makes me feel at peace and pumped at the same time. It was the song I used for my video of a MTB trip I took with my friend Chris. CHECK IT OUT

Macy's List:

For my list I chose Flaws by Bastille because its a great, thought out song. Also because lately I am obsessed with them, if you haven’t listened to their latest album **Bad Blood** I seriously recommend giving it a listen, you won’t regret it. But if you do, blame Dave. How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding is perfect and sweet, like all of her music its a great listen and her voice is amazing. Cassadee Pope is my all time favorite singer, and the song Everybody Sings off of her newest solo album is perfect. It is about everyone in a bar pushing their cares away, bonding with each other and singing along together. One of the most memorable moments in my life was at a bar in Florida when everyone started singing along to A Thousand Miles. I Wanna Dance With Somebody what a classic, an who doesn’t like it or know at least half of the lyrics?! This song has a special place in my heart though, because it was the song that we were dancing to when Dave asked me if he could kiss me for the first time (which he did even before I could answer) and then we were applauded by all of our friends. Best moment ever? I think yes! Last but certainly not least, Take A Walk by Passion Pit, it could be one of my favorites just because Sophia Bush is in the video, which by the way is wonderful. But, It is all together an awesome song with a great beat and so fun to sing along to. 

Our snackage

Dave: For my snacks on the trip I chose Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, Goldfish, and SoBe Lifewater. I have been craving cookies lately because of the PvP vlogs that I have been obsessed with lately. Really awesome couple with some dope cats. They have a great attitude on life and always prank each other. The guy Jesse love cookies and even make a song and music video of his COOKIE DANCE. I chose Goldfish because they are freaking delicious and great road trip snacks. No mess when eating them and your fingers stay clean. And For my drink I chose SoBe's Life water. I had to add some kind of healthy choice to my group and the coconut water in it will help keep my hydrated.

Macy: Road tip snackage! Clearly I am the healthier one out of the two of us, if Dave could eat fast food for the rest of his life he could. I have been on a health kick for about 4 months now, and I actually enjoy it but more about that later. I chose Kettle baked sour cream & onion chips because they are low calorie and still delicious, and diced apples and pears because everybody needs their fruits and these are convenient. I have had a tea obsession lately anArcher Farms Chai Tea is great, low calorie, and cheaper than Starbucks (one of my weaknesses) since we are also trying to do this road trip as less expensive as possible.